12:45pm :: Saturday, September 17

The Green

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Steven Williford
90 Minutes, USA 2010; Starring Jason Butler Harner, Cheyenne Jackson, Illeana Douglas and Julia Ormand
Language, adult situations, and some violence

Escaping from NYC to small-town Connecticut, prep-school teacher Michael (Jason Butler Harner) takes interest in troubled student Jason, while avoiding his own failing relationship with hunky partner Daniel (Cheyenne Jackson from Glee, 30 Rock, Broadway's Xanadu). Jason’s sudden claim that Michael molested him quickly turns the teacher’s life upside down, and the town against the gay couple. Julia Ormand provides a shrewd performance as a lesbian lawyer trying to defend Michael and filter the truth from the subtle homophobia of neighbors, the suspicions of Michael's co-workers, and Daniel's doubts about his partner's innocence after the investigation reveals a secret from the past.