LOVE, SIMON Hits Theaters Friday, March 16th

By Augie G. Blancas

As an avid YouTube-er, I stumble upon way too many advertisements and surveys before the video I really want to see opens up. Not many of these advertisements for products or movies pertain to me, until I came across a trailer for LOVE, SIMON.

It immediately got my attention.

For one, it looked adorable! And second, it’s one of two LGBTQ movies to hit mainstream theatres in the span of a few months. When I found out there would be a sneak peek this past weekend, I immediately found a bestie to go with and bought a ticket.

Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson of JURASSIC WORLD) is a normal guy from a cookie-cutter town. To be honest, I don’t think they even give a name to the town. Nonetheless, he has great friends, a great family, is counting down the days until high school graduation, and seems not have had a struggle in the world. But, Simon has a secret. When Simon sees a blog post on the high school gossip blog from another closeted gay kid in his high school, Simon is inspired to email him.

Through a series of email exchanges, they get to know one another, inspire each other to come out to friends and family, and even fall for one another. The online romance is jeopardized when Simon accidentally leaves an email open in the school’s computer lab and a desperate theatre nerd stumbles upon it and threatens to out Simon if he doesn’t help him land the girl of his dreams, and Simon’s best friend.

What works with LOVE, SIMON is this.

Simon is someone you’re rooting for by the end of the film. He’s relatable and is someone you hope lands his dream guy by the end of the film. Take it with a grain of salt that not all coming out stories are like Simon’s, but he goes through the internal ups and downs that many of us have had to go through, especially if you were someone who came out in high school.

Don’t let the opening sequence fool you. The scenes with Simon’s cookie-cutter family (seriously, all that was needed was the white picket fence to get you nauseous) got me worried about the overall corniness of the film. But, as LOVE, SIMON picked up, the film proved to be hilarious at times and charming throughout.

Whether it’s Simon’s daydreams of life after high school at “Liberal University” which includes a hilarious gay-college-musical-movie-montage, or the scene where Simon had to explain to his dad (played by my new favorite DILF Josh Duhamel) why he shouldn’t sign-up for Grindr, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments for everyone.

LOVE, SIMON has all the ingredients of a classic teen film. This film is definitely fitting for youth and the young at heart.

LOVE, SIMON hits theaters this Friday, March 16, 2018

Augie Blancas is the Vice President and Communications Director of Fresno Reel Pride.