Board of Directors

Fresno Reel Pride's Board of Directors is a non-paid, all-volunteer board that governs the overall execution of the Fresno Reel Pride mission. Director responsiblities include oversight of the annual film festival and contribute as the policy, financial and legal decision-making body for the organization. 

Fresno Reel Pride's Board of Directors is a board comprised of five (5) to eleven (11) directors and are elected by existing Directors. 



2017 Board of Directors

Kathleen Arambula-Reyna
Board President & Festival Director

Peter Robertson
Co-Founder & Endowment

Augie G. Blancas
Vice President & Communications

Michael Reyna
Vice President & Sponsorships

Dawn Diestelkamp

Chris Dodd

Annalisa Perea

Margo Serrano-Parker

Lisa Rosas

Festival Director Emeritae:
Jon Carroll
Kenneth Fries
Dave Houck
Jera Peterson
Peter Robertson
Jeff Robinson

Directors Emeritae:
Jen Bracy
Daryle Maddock
Ron Wilson