Director: Anthony J. Caruso
2017 | USA | 118 min.

Friday, September 22
9:20 p.m.

ViSTA Theater
1296 N. Wishon


The film adaptation of the hit novel “Seventy Times Seven” by Salvatore Sapienza, BROTHERLY LOVE is the critically acclaimed story of Brother Vito Fortunato as he navigates the emotionally stifling world of celibacy. About to take his final vows into the Catholic Brotherhood, Vito struggles with letting go of the sexual life he enjoys. A sabbatical to Austin, which was meant to clear his head, leads to even more confusion as he meets Gabe, a handsome, recently-divorced landscaper. Under the guise of being “just friends”, Vito and Gabe develop a bond that forces Vito to choose between his vows and his newfound love. Unlike other gay religious themed films, BROTHERLY LOVE is light-hearted and non-preachy, as the battle here is not with God or religion, but rather with celibacy. Is the bond of love strong enough to break a personal promise to God? Or is Vito hiding behind his vow to avoid the vulnerability of true intimacy? To make his decision, Vito leans on his faith, his friends and, of course, The Golden Girls.