Support the Reel Pride Endowment Fund

Fresno Reel Pride's Board of Directors established the Fresno Reel Pride Endowment Fund in 2014. The Endowment will provide sustainability to the organization and ensure the film festival will continue for years to come. To date, more than $10,000 has been raised for this fund. 

Our goal is to raise substantial monies to invest in medium- to low-risk securities and municipal bonds. The earnings of these investments will provide funds to kick-start the festival on an annual basis, while leaving the corpus (principal) to continue to invest in perpetuity, or forever. 

Thank you to our 2015 Fresno Reel Pride Endowment donors: 

Ron Wilson
Jim Daggs
Peter Robertson & Victor Kral
Brian Carnes
Jason Kamimoto & Michael Beattie
Justin Kamimoto
Dawn & Elena Diestelkamp
Herb Peterson & Carl Hernandez
Jim Cardella
Rudy Rios
Velvet Rhoads & Gale Rafel
David Delgado

Consider giving to the Fresno Reel Pride Endowment today!

1. Give online by using PayPal

2. Via U.S. Mail: Send a check or money order payble to Fresno Reel Pride to:

Fresno Reel Pride 

PO Box 4647

Fresno, CA 93744

Add "Endowment Fund" to the memo line

3. Include Fresno Reel Pride’s “Endowment Fund” in your estate plans today and support the film festival in the years to come.

Fresno Reel Pride accepts cash, checks and credit card gifts, as well as donations in the form of securities, real property and corporate matching gifts. Also, gifts derived from beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, retirement plan accounts, living wills and trusts are appreciated.

Fresno Reel Pride as an IRS recognized charitable and non-profit organization. All donations to Fresno Reel Pride Endowment Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Fresno Reel Pride is neither engaged in rendering legal nor tax advisory service. The purpose of this information is to provide authoritative information of a general character only. Advice from legal counsel and/or certified financial planners should be sought when considering any and all charitable gift arrangements.