#ReelPride27 Film Schedule
Date & Time Film Venue
Wednesday, September 21st    
7:30 PM Pushing Dead Tower Theatre
Thursday, September 22nd    
5:30 PM Two Hard Things, Two Soft Things Tower Theatre
5:45 PM Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride ViSTA Theater
7:15 PM BearCity 3 Tower Theatre
8:00 PM Girl Gets Girl ViSTA Theater
10:00 PM Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo Tower Theatre
10:05 PM Kiss Me, Kill Me ViSTA Theater
Friday, September 23rd    
5:30 PM Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four Tower Theatre
5:40 PM Shared Rooms ViSTA Theater
6:00 PM First Girl I Loved Mia Cuppa Caffé
7:20 PM Summertime ViSTA Theater
7:30 PM Akron Tower Theatre
8:15 PM I Love You Both Mia Cuppa Caffé
9:30 PM Scared Shirtless: Horror Shorts Tower Theatre
9:35 PM Arianna ViSTA Theater
Saturday, September 24th    
11:00 AM Transcendent Shorts Tower Theatre
12:00 PM Retake ViSTA Theater
1:15 PM Fun in Girls Shorts Tower Theatre
2:15 PM Weekends ViSTA Theater
2:30 PM Discoveries: Youth Shorts Mia Cuppa Caffé
3:10 PM Fun in Boys Shorts Tower Theatre
4:30 PM Bruising for Besos ViSTA Theater
5:00 PM Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America Mia Cuppa Caffé
5:15 PM Upstairs Inferno Tower Theatre
6:40 PM Women Who Kill ViSTA Theater
7:30 PM Suicide Kale Tower Theatre
9:00 PM Front Cover ViSTA Theater
9:30 PM Lezberados: Comedy With No Bull Tower Theatre
Sunday, September 25th    
12:15 PM Clambake Mia Cuppa Caffé
12:20 PM Heartland ViSTA Theater
1:00 PM Political Animals Tower Theatre
2:15 PM Slash ViSTA Theater
2:30 PM The Revival: Women and the Word Mia Cuppa Caffé
3:45 PM Raising Zoey / Real Boy (Double Feature) Tower Theatre
4:30 PM Girls Lost ViSTA Theater
7:30 PM Other People Tower Theatre