Director: Erin Heidenreich
2016 | Pakistan, Canada, USA | 80 min.

Sunday, September 24
5:15 p.m.

ViSTA Theater
1296 N. Wishon Avenue


At a young age, Maria discovered her love for one of Pakistan’s most popular sports, squash. Through this game, Maria quickly began to rise in success as one of the nations most revered young players. And unlike those that came before her, Maria’s path began in a place and time where women were restricted to play sports of any kind. But with the blessings of her family, she did what no one else dared to do by dressing and ultimately passing, as a boy.

When she was discovered, Maria’s true identity could no longer contend with the success she was finding in her squash career and the Taliban took notice. She like those who stood with her quickly became their targets. The carefree attitudes of a child at play evolved into a young woman with more than just a pastime; she became a young woman with a presence and a purpose. Years later, Maria is still using her talents to help advocate women’s rights to education and to play sports. Aware of the consequences this may bring from the Taliban, she believes it is her right as a human being, and as a Muslim woman, to be free.