Directed by Ryan Lonergan
2018 | USA | 80 min.

Saturday, September 22
9:00 p.m.

Tower Theatre
815 E. Olive Avenue

About the Film

KILL THE MONSTERS, the new film by Ryan Lonergan, is a comedic political allegory set in modern day America, based on the history of the United States.

The film follows three men living in a polyamorous relationship in New York City when the youngest of them, Frankie (Jack Ball), suddenly becomes ‘unwell’. It is thought that his job working as the assistant to a demanding British bank executive may be partly to blame, and so he quits his position after much encouragement from Patrick (Ryan Lonergan) and Sutton (Garrett McKechnie). The three then set out on a journey across the country to meet with a holistic doctor in Santa Monica they believe will make him well. The film’s plot points mirror the history of the United States as they journey West while touring historical landmarks that also compliment the moments in history that the allegory reflects. Along the way, the men encounter female characters, each one symbolic of a foreign governments, save one, who represents corporations (Zuhairah McGill), and another representing Donald Trump (Ellen Etten)! These three men and nine women are the only faces the audience will encounter in the film. As the story progresses, the audience begins to realize two things: (1) the film they are watching, while never betraying reality, is in some way based in a slightly heightened world, and (2) they are watching the history of the United States unfold within the course of one feature length film.