Directed by Océanerosemarie & Cyprien Vial
2017 | France | 86 min.
In French and Italian with English subtitles

Saturday, September 22
1:00 p.m.

ViSTA Theater
1296 N. Wishon Avenue

About the Film

When Océanerosemarie finally meets the girl of her dreams, Cécile, no one around her believes her or leaves her alone long enough for her to make the relationship work. Even worse, Fantine, the most recent in a long line of exes, goes all out to ruin the romance and even teams up with Océane’s mom for help. Meanwhile, the reserved Cécile can’t decide how to respond to her determined pursuer, who follows Cécile to an out-of-town workshop on modern dance and uncovers an embarrassing secret. KISS ME! (EMBRASSE-MOI!) has all the fine ingredients of a true romantic comedy with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments all thanks to the endearing writer, co-director, and star of the film, Océanerosemarie.